boobie facts

Boobie Facts

July 23, 2013

Boobie Facts – Bet you didn’t know this:

Boobie Facts

-Did you know that the most common cup size world wide is B.

-How about that there is a 73% higher rate of suicide among women with breast implants than those without – Yikes! As the August 2007 Annals of Plastic Surgery reported, it’s unlikely that silicone toxicity causes the correlation. It’s more probable that women who undergo breast augmentation are more apt to have an underlying psychiatric problem that predisposes them to suicide.

-Bras have existed since around the 7th century – I wonder what they looked like?

-I bet you didn’t know that in Hawaii, Texas, Ohio, New York, and Maine, it’s legal for women to walk around showing off their breasts, but they can still be picked up on public nuisance laws

-In 2000, Gisele Bundchen wore the world’s most expensive bra for Victoria’s Secret. With 1,300 gems, it was worth $15 million (£9.7million).

-Legend says the coupe glass was molded on Marie Antoinette’s breast. It predates her by a century, though.

-Statistically speaking, your left breast is probably bigger than the right. However, often the difference is so slight you’d never notice they are of different sizes. Nipples also come in varying sizes, not only that, they also point in different directions.

-On average, a boob weighs just over a whopping one pound!

-The largest natural breasts in the world belong to Annie Hawkins-Turner who wears a 102ZZZ bra and whose breasts weigh 85lbs – her chest measures 70 inches, or almost 6 feet. – Holy bOObies Batman!

boobie facts
Boobie Facts | Boobie Facts | Boobie Facts | Boobie Facts

-1% of woman are able to orgasm as a result of nothing but breast manipulation and I think that is pretty cool!

-The world’s largest breast implants belong to Chelsea Charms who has polypropylene string implants and wears a 164 XXX bra. Her boobs weigh 26lbs each

-Men have mammary glands and the capacity to produce milk – but it’s usually as a result of hormonal treatments

-British women have the largest breasts in Europe. More than 50% of British women wear a D cup bra. Italians have the smallest boobies.

-There is an American NGO,, that fights for the right for women to be topless in public places.

– Breasts are the first thing men notice in a woman – No news here. Research conducted at the Victoria University of Wellington showed that breasts are often the first thing men look at, and for a longer time than other body parts. Nothing to be ashamed of since another study said that staring at women’s breasts for just minutes a day can improve a man’s health and add four to five years to his life. Now that’s good news!

– Cleopatra, Egypt’s last Pharaoh, killed herself by clasping a poisonous asp to her breast.

boobie facts
Boobie Facts | Boobie Facts | Boobie Facts | Boobie Facts

Boobie Facts

-Nearly 20,000 men per year get breast reduction surgery in the US – WHAT?

-There were 307,180 breast enhancement procedures performed in the US in 2011. I bet there were more in 2012 and 2013!

-Bra-like garments existed in 2,500BC, when Minoan women in Crete wore devices that hauled their bare boobs out of their clothes.

-The term brassiere first appeared in the Oxford English Dictionary in 1933.

-On 19 June, 1964, 20-year-old Carol Doda was the first woman to dance topless for money at the Condor Club in San Francisco

boobie facts
Boobie Facts | Boobie Facts | Boobie Facts | Boobie Facts

-In the early 1900s, breasts were injected with paraffin to enlarge them, a method that rarely, if ever, turned out very well. Other crazy things injected into breasts include ox cartilage, ivory balls, Teflon, ground rubber, goat’s milk and epoxy resin – Can you even imagine – all of these were really terrible ideas!

-Nearly everyone, men and women, has nipple hair

-Breast size doesn’t determine cleavage. Position on torso is more important. If your body narrows under your shoulders, you’ll have a better ‘plunge’.

-4 out of 5 women wear the wrong sized bra for some reason

-About 3 in 100 nipples are inverted

-36C is the average bust size of today, which has increased from a 34B over the past 15 years

-A Texas mother holds the world record for donating breast milk – 86 gallons

-The condition of having more than two breasts is called polymastia, supernumerary breasts or multiple breast syndrome. They are also called accessory breasts. They generally don’t look like they did in Total Recall!

boobie facts
Boobie Facts | Boobie Facts | Boobie Facts | Boobie Facts

-Sleeping face down will not make boobs smaller, but it will change their shape over time. Instead, sleep on your side with a pillow under you.

-After looking at breasts, men tend to perform more poorly on cognitive tests – Jeez, I wonder why?

-Smokers are more apt to have saggy breasts, as chemicals in cigarettes destroy the skin’s elastin

-$16 billion amount spent worldwide on bras last year

-Getting stressed out makes breasts sag, too

-In Hong Kong, you can get a degree in Bra Studies from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University where they teach you how to design and build a bra. Recently, the students exhibited their designs at the ACE Style Institute of Intimate Apparel at the ITC Resource Centre.

-According to Greek myth, the Milky Way was formed when the god Zeus tricked his wife Hera into breastfeeding his half-human son Heracles. When Hera realized the infant wasn’t hers, she pushed him away and the drops of spilled milk became the Milky Way galaxy.

-The first topless Page 3 girl in The Sun newspaper was 20-year-old Stephanie Rahn on 17 November, 1970.

boobie facts

-Big breasts miraculously saved an Israeli woman from death at the hands of a Lebanese paramilitary organization. The incident occurred during a Hezbollah rocket attack. The victim got a boob job two years ago. During the war, she was wounded in the chest by shrapnel but survived because of her implants. While the patient is fine, the implant, unfortunately, did not survive.

-The number of bras the average woman owns is 9

– Ogling over women’s breasts is good for a man’s health and can add years to his life, medical experts have discovered. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, “Just 10 minutes of staring at the charms of a well endowed female is roughly equivalent to a 30 minute aerobics workout,” declared gerontologist Dr. Karen Weatherby.
Dr. Weatherby and fellow researchers at three hospitals in Frankfurt,Germany, reached the startling conclusion after comparing the health of 200 male outpatients — half of whom were instructed to look atbusty females daily, the other half told to refrain from doing so. The study revealed that after five years, the chest watchers had lower blood pressure, slower resting pulse rates and fewer instances of coronary artery disease.
“Sexual excitement gets the heart pumping and improves blood circulation,” explains Dr. Weatherby. “There is no question: Gazing at breasts makes men healthier. Our study indicates that engaging in this activity a few minutes daily cuts the risk of stroke and heartattack in half. We believe that by doing so consistently, theaverage man can extend his life four to five years.”

Boobie Facts

Boobie Facts

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